Volunteering for the IFC

How to Get Involved

Leading a Class

We provide many classes a week that cover a wide array of topics: grammar, Bible study, cooking, music and lyrics, TV-series, basic conversation, and possibly more! The majority of our classes are lead by volunteers, and we want to provide more learning opportunities for students. Don’t have experience – don’t worry! We want you to be as comfortable as the students, and we will provide materials and guidance to help get you on your feet. Also, we are always exploring new options for classes, so if you have ideas, let us know. To get involved, contact Judy at ifc@ifcmadison.org.

Supporting Our Activities and Events

Several times a month, we organize activities for students to join and participate in. We always need your help providing transportation, cooking food, hosting students, decorating – and the best part, participating in the event! If you’re interested, contact Judy at ifc@ifcmadison.org

Examples of activities:

  • Christmas potluck dinner and nativity drama
  • Kayaking
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Shopping at the outlet mall
  • Thanksgiving dinner
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Resources and Guides

We have some resources and guides that will be useful for volunteers to help you prepare and lead your classes. Also, we will hold training classes periodically to give you a chance to practice and learn with other volunteers. If you are a new volunteer – don’t worry! Come on in and see us and we will make sure you are comfortable and prepared.

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